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Three major international brands are our all time partners
Xiaomi Poco OnePlus


Xiaomi is a large Chinese electronics and computer company, specializing in mobile phones and consumer electronics. It is the world’s second largest smartphone manufacturer in 2021.

Much more than a simple mobile phone manufacturer, Xiaomi also operates in the development of connected devices: SmartWatch, wireless headphones, router and many other products.

Even more particularly, the Chinese company is very interested in our connected household appliances. From the television to the electric lamp, including the vacuum cleaner, surveillance camera, loudspeaker, air purifier and even radiators, all put toghether to enhence the experience SmartHome.


Poco was released in 2018, it is a sub-brand of Xiaomi. The company specializes in consumer electronics, specifically in the manufacture and distribution of mid-range mobile phones.

The mobile phone models offered are gems for video game enthusiasts.

Gaming fans watch out!!

3. OnePlus


Created in 2013 with the slogan “Never Settle” which means “never settle for the minimum”, OnePlus offers high-end devices and software that give the best possible user experience.

PRO2I introduced this brand in Tunisia in 2021, To date, OnePlus offers 3 mid-range and high-end phones: the OnePlus NORD CE 5G (8 GB RAM – 128 GB memory), the OnePlus NORD CE 5G (12 GB RAM – 128 GB memory)  and the OnePlus NORD 2 5G (12 GB RAM – 256 GB memory).

Other than mobile phones, OnePlus offers its Tunisian customers a wireless earphone: the Buds OnePlus Z.

4. Nikon

The Japanese camera brand Nikon has been an undisputed international leader in the field of photography and optics since its creation in 1917. Nikon offers several camera models from compact through bridges to reflux. In 2012, PRO2I became official representative of the brand in Tunisia. Our company gives you access to all Nikon products without exemption. If there is a product that catches your eye, don’t hesitate to order.
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