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Our After Sales Service Represented by MERCIA

More than 15 years of experience in repairing and advising customers for products from major international brands (Xiaomi / OnePlus / POCO / Kodak / Nikon / Sandisk / Seagate / Nextbook / Platinum)


After sales service

Guaranteed Repair

An additional 3 months warranty for repaired products

Quality control

Highly qualified agents provide quality control for repaired products

Quick Service

Support service for all products within optimized lead times

our after-sales service

Modern industrial workshop
Workshop Approved by the state and certified by our main suppliers


Well-equipped workshop

A 250m2 industrial and air-conditioned workshop with an anti-dust blue resin floor covering


Expandable Repair Capacity

Expandable repair capacity to cover any additional service needs in order to ensure optimal response times


Repair tools

A highliy adapted repair tools to the products in order to guarantee super quick and super reliable interventions.


After-sales warehouse

Storage space for spare parts with a storage capacity of 100,000 units.

A professional team

Work Process

Complete process

Complete process from item reception until delivery

Reception & diagnosis

Pre-diagnosis on receipt to check the declared breakdowns and the condition of the received items 

Organized work

An organized workflow to optimize repair times

Web/SMS after-sales service

Inform the customer about the progress of the repair from a dedicated web space or by informative SMS

Dedicated after-sales application

A shared computer system to track the history of repaired items.

Optimized processing

Very short repair time to meet our customers' needs

Quality control

Rigorous quality control on all repairs performed based on a Human/Machine (HMI) testing tool

Item delivery

Delivery of repaired items throughout the Tunisian territory in a very short time

Delivery tracking

follow-up of the shipment of the repaired items throughout the Tunisian territory

After sales contact *

Toll Free: 80102323
Phone : +216 29 706 116

SAV Application

Repair status tracking link