Working with passion for a better futureWorking with passion for a better future
Our strategy

Working with passion for a better future

As a company active in the field of mobile & IT, we must use all the means necessary to promote the development of our activity. It is essential to do everything possible to promote our company on a national and international scale.

What we believe in

With us, customer is King.
We are listening to their needs
in order to find together the best solution.

It's our business

With more than 20 years of experience in the field of computing and mobile and dozens of international partnerships, the history of PRO2I is the perfect exemple of Success story, and the company itself is an indisputable leader of the Tunisian market and an example to follow in the quest for success.

More than a partner...

Pro2i is aware of the potential of IT & Mobile market in Tunisia. That is why we get closer to our customers...

Why choose PRO2I?

Some reasons why to Choose Us

Development of Strategies

The strategy deployed by PRO2I allows us to innovate in the field of IT technology.

Creation of Value

By applying several processes, PRO2I seeks to increase the supply of services and goods in the Tunisian economy.

Societal innovation

PRO2I creates new solutions for social needs that are badly or little satisfied in the IT field and sector in Tunisia in order to be ahead of its competition.

Risk management

PRO2I's policy is to early identify, estimate and control risks to achieve 100% compliance.

Patronage and Sponsorship

PRO2I supports others without compensation, and it also aims to promote its image through sponsorship.

PR & Marketing

Like any company, PRO2I seeks to maintain its reputation in the Tunisian market and promote its products.

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